3 Key Ad Elements for Creating Traffic

One of the best ways to create a steady flow of quality traffic to your business is through paid ads. 

Paid ads allow you to determine how much traffic you want based on how much you are willing to spend. 

But before you start creating traffic, you have to create your ad. 

Here are 3 key elements for building an ad that creates traffic.

Find Your Audience

Whatever it is you are offering people through your business, you have to be able to reach people who want or need it. 

Some advertising platforms like Facebook will allow you to target your audience based on their interests. 

In this case, you’ll want to start with interests that overlap with your brand and put your ads in front of them. 

Don’t be afraid to test a few audiences to see which group is most likely to respond. 

Other platforms like Youtube allow you to target based on intent, or things that people have searched for. 

Intent-based targeting may often cost more as an advertiser, but the traffic you generate from these ads is often higher quality.

That’s because when you advertise to people who have taken an action like searching for something similar to what you are offering, they are more likely to buy. 

Another thing to consider when finding your audience is to keep it narrow. 

This may seem counterintuitive, but the more narrow your audience is, the more effective you can be with the other 2 elements of your ad.

Narrowing down your audience helps you cater your ad for maximum engagement

Capture Attention with your Creative

Once you’ve narrowed down your audience, you need to find a way to get their attention with your creative. 

What’s a “creative”?

In the context of advertising, a creative usually refers to the image or video you use to connect visually with your audience. 

As you can imagine, you’ll want to find or create an image or video that catches people’s eyes and stands out from the crowd. 

With that in mind, your first step might be to check out the competition so you know what people are already seeing. 

That will give you an idea of how to present a creative that looks and feels unique. 

Also, make sure your creative conveys a message that is relevant to your particular audience. 

For example: An image of a fancy car in front of a big house on a beach may work if you are offering to help people make more money, but that may not resonate with an audience who is looking for ways to improve their health. 

You’ll also want to carefully read any advertising policies on whichever platform you use to make sure your creatives are compliant to avoid getting your account shut down. 

Keep in mind that most platforms want to create a positive experience for their users, so make sure your creative contributes to that goal.

Use your creative to show people you have something of benefit to them

Hook Them with your Headline

Once you’ve gotten people’s attention with your creative, it’s time to focus on the headline. 

Your headline is the messaging that will communicate the value of your offer or brand and persuade people to watch your video or read the rest of your ad. 

This is the first and sometimes ONLY thing people will read so make sure it packs a punch!

One simple way to create an effective headline is to highlight the main benefit to your audience. 

This is why it’s so important to narrow down your audience.

The more you can focus on a specific group of people, the easier it is to understand what problems they are facing and how you can make their life better. 

Explain this in a clear and simple way in your headline to make them stop and want to learn more. 

Want some tips on what to say in the rest of your ad? Check out this article for some tips on copywriting


Like any skill, Creating traffic takes time to master, but consider these 3 key elements will help you get started

First find an audience that may benefit from what you’re offering and narrow them down until you have a specific group with a common problem. 

Then you can put together a creative that captures their attention and communicates a relevant message. 

And don’t forget about your headline! This is sometimes the only thing people will read so make sure to tell them how you can help make their life better. 

Focus on these 3 key elements to start placing ads and creating traffic for your business!

Check out this strategy from Keala to turn your traffic into paying customers:

Is there any other tips or techniques that might help you along your journey?

Drop a comment to let us know what you’d like to learn. 

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