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We will link your site to YouTube and YouTube to your site. let us set it up for you.
Get Linked In To Your Clients.
” Our great staff will connect you to the world and get your brand noticed. “
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Social Media Services


We will develop all your social media sites, from setting them up, to creating a common theme and branding throughout all your sites. 


Let us manage your social media sites, or let us set them up so you can manage them using templates and guides. 


We will create dynamic graphics, banners, videos, images and even post templates for you.


Get it together.  EZ Up Biz can put all your social media sites in one spot for easy management, or allow you to post one post that goes to all your sites at once. Let us clean up your site for you. 

Pick a site, any site. We will set up your social media site for you or rework it to fit your business theme. 

The site install does not include creating the banners, logos, posts, or videos. See our graphic design prices to design your banner and logo for you.  

Features below are for each site.  IE… 1 banner for each site on package. If you pick the deluxe you will receive 1 banner for four different social media sites of your choice and so on.

Prices below are same for developing  new social media site, or cleaning up and revamping an old site.

Click Here for Logo & Banner Prices.


Basic Social Site $35.00

Standard Social Site $60.00

Deluxe Social Site $99.00

Let us take your social media sites and manage them for you. We will post educational, informational, advertisement post, and context related to your interest,

Click on the link below to view the graphic design prices for social media sites

  • Optimize and Manage Social Media Accounts
  • Schedule Daily Posts on all Your Accounts
  • Promote Your Services/Products
  • Research of Trending Hashtags
  • Grow Your Online Presence
  • Engage Followers 
  • Fast Delivery
  • 24/7 Support
  • Business growth

Why not take all your social media and control them from one spot? From your blog post on your website you can post to all your social media sites at once. 

Social is EZ With us

Our goal is to get you connected and help your business grow with any audience.

Social Media does not have to be all consuming. We make it easy to have your ideas posted or post them for you. Social is just a step away with EZ Up Biz. Let us help you now. 

Great Content
Our team is up with the times and will take great care in making sure you are sending out the right message.
Let the Numbers Speak
Classy Content
We don't just post words, our innovative templates and designs will add art to your social sites and keep your clients engaged.
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Billion YouTube Users
Billion Facebook Users
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Billion Social Media users

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