EZ Up Biz Will Launch Your Business


EZ Up Biz has all the services you need to start and keep your business up and running.  We are more than just another web design company.  Here at EZ Up Biz we encompass the whole business experience.  We know it can be difficult starting a new business, or promoting an old one, and we are here to make it EZ for you to get your BIZ UP and running. 


Our expert team will listen to you and give you exactly what you are looking for in your website. 

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What are you looking for

We bring clients and businesses together

Here at EZ UP Biz we are committed to giving our clients everything they need to start and run their business. Our team is there from start to continued support. 

Home Page Responsive

Start by telling the world you are here. Our single pages start at $99.00

Content Management Systems

Our responsive content management systems websites will provide you and your clients with all the services you need to offer and manage.

Customer Relations Management

Now that you have those customers, make it easy to manage them. Track your customers get full analytics and service your customers with our innovative customer relations management sites.


If we build it, they will come. We make it easy for you to sell your products and services onling.

graphic DESIGN

Designing logos, business cards, email marketing flyers, pamphlets, letterheads, and so much more. Our team will create a logo for you with all the sizes, and shapes you need for your social media, web site, and customer management needs.

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Let us design your brand and let the world know who you are.

EZ Up Biz gives your name the visual that people will remember. Our graphic designers think outside the box in creating striking logos, graphics, and designs that will make your brand one to be remembered.  


Iconic Logos Typographic Illustrated Animated 3D Logos

Business Graphics

Headers Stationary Graphics Business Card Designs Letterheads Envelops Corporate Brochures Email Marketing Templates
Retail Packaging

Banner Designs

Catch your audiences attention with our striking banners.
Logo and Header
'Video Clips

Social & Multi Media Design

Don't just put up a social media site, put up your brand, your personality, and show the world who and what your business is.
Social Media Banners
Image Collages
Social Marketing Templates
Photo Editing

social media

Development, Organization, and Management.

We will set up, manage and make it so you can access all your social media sites right from your website. We can create dynamic content for your social media sites to keep your clients and customers active and coming back for more. 

Social media is all the rave!

Don't just have a Facebook page, have a business production tool.

Our pros with social media know just how to keep your clients interacting with your business and excited for more. Promotions, giveaways, information distribution, and more is done with a snap through our social sites we set up for you.  


Let us create all your social media sites for you. We will design the sites with your branding and style so all your sites flow with consistency and style.


We can keep all your social media sites updated and organized all in one spot. By connecting your website to your social media you can post to all your social media sites from one spot while drawing clients to your website.


Don't have time for all that social stuff? We will gladly do it for you. We can manage your social media sites. We create exciting content that will keep your customers interested and advised at all times.


Digital, Social, Email & Old School Marketing.

Now your business is up and running; get the word out that your here. Our highly talented agents will help you launch the advertising campaign of a lifetime.

Reach everyone not just someone! 

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tell them all about it.....

looking good, now show it off.

From a post card with snail mail, to mass social, digital, visual, and auditable advertisement, we can get your message across. 

Marketing Strategy

Generate traffic to your website and build brand exposure online by developing a comprehensive marketing strategy for your business. We provide the right content marketing keywords, SEO marketing strategy, PPC marketing solutions, and smart branding strategies in marketing that will take your business to the next level.

Online Advertising

Take advantage of online advertising. Use Google Ads and show your ads to only those who are likely to be interested in your products and services. At PROS we take our clients through a three-step process to optimize their PPC campaign (Pay-Per-Click) using paid search engine services like Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing, Bing Adcenter

Email Marketing

Attract attention in busy inboxes with effective email marketing campaigns. Email marketing is the highly effective digital marketing strategy of sending different kinds of content to prospects and customers via email. Try this direct and efficient method of connecting with your leads, developing them, and converting them into customers.

Content Marketing

Make blogging home base when it comes to your content marketing strategy. Develop your brand, boost website traffic, and endorse your offers with a high-quality blog. Guest blogging - a crucial element to a content marketing strategy creates high-value outcomes, drives traffic, and eventually generates leads.


Photography, videography, presentations, video clips, commercials, audio.

Now your business is up and running; get the word out that your here. Our highly talented agents will help you launch the advertising campaign of a lifetime.

Reach everyone not just someone! 

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Say cheese

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Let us take your photos, videos, 3D walk through demos, commercials, and audio presentations for you.  Our professional photographer will get the job done with style. 


Need unique photos taken for your site? We have an amazing in-house photographer who will get the job done right.


360 and high def video's of your business, products, or services professionally done.


Power Point, Multimedia, and Prezi presentations put together to tell your story.


Tell them all about it! Let your voice (or ours) be heard in an audio presentation or simply say it with a song.

Video Clips/ Commercials

Enhance your website, or business waiting room with a video clip of your products, services, or message.

strategy & consulting
Are you ready to launch your business?

3...2...1...Launch! EZ Up Biz will get you up and running pain free.

Our trademarked Launch Program includes everything a startup needs to succeed: branding, business strategy, marketing, web development, and more. We can take your idea from paper to profit in no time.

Brand guidelines are your key to consistent branding, messaging, and design accuracy. Shared and adopted across the firm, the brand guidelines explicitly set out the acceptable color choices, fonts, design, and usage for printed and digital collateral. Keeping everyone on the same page will keep your brand on the right track.

Business Strategy

Location, licensing, what kind of label to put on the packages, or even what app to use to remind your clients they have an appointment can be overwhelming. EZ Up Biz is here to help you so nothing gets overlooked.


With a strong brand identity in place, EZ Up Biz will design a marketing program and follow through on implementation.

success tools
The Secret of success is staying on top of things

Our success tools will keep your and your customers armed with the knowledge needed to succeed.

Our expert SEO Team, App Developers, data base engineers, and creative form generators will keep you in touch with you client base and the world. 


Let us get your site to the top and keep it there. With our skilled SEO operatives we will get your site where it is easy to find by all.


Need online forms, or in office forms that can be filled out by your customers or team either on line, in person or both? We got it. Digital or printed we can create your forms for you.


IOS and Android mobile apps will keep your business linked to your customer base and provide simple one click interactions with ease.

Data Bases

Now that you have all those customers and clients, you will want to track, sort, and correspond with them. Our database technology will keep you in the know.

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