Overcome Obstacles with this “Mental Mastery” Hack



If you’ve ever started a business, then you already know that there will be challenges and roadblocks along the way. 

Unfortunately, most people aren’t prepared to face them. 

When they meet a “roadblock”, they get frustrated, begin to doubt themselves, and eventually give up on their own success. 

The real reason why most businesses fail isn’t the inevitable obstacles – it’s the way we handle them.

Keep reading to learn a simple hack to help you master your mind and transform any obstacle into an opportunity. 



“Thinking Makes It So”


“… there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so”

– Shakespeare

This may seem like some obscure poetic phrase with no real impact on our day to day life…

But when you take a moment to reflect, you may find real wisdom in these words.

If you’ve ever tuned into any awards show, you’ll often hear stories of people who have experienced extreme hardship who go on to extraordinary things. 

Often, they will even credit those hardships as the moments that helped them get to where they are now!

We may want things to be easy, simple and comfortable all the time, but the truth is that growth does not happen within our comfort zone.

Challenge and hardship give us the opportunity to grow IF we are willing to think about them that way. 

So the first step to overcoming any obstacle is to check your thinking. 

If you are feeling frustrated and upset, take a moment to consider why?

How are you currently looking at the obstacle you are facing?

What expectations do you have about this problem?

Questioning your own assumptions and thinking will often reveal the REAL source of the problem: Your thinking



How To Flip The Script



“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at begin to change” – J. Sugai


After you take a moment to become aware of your perceptions, you are now in a position to take control of your mind and turn an obstacle into opportunity. 


It may seem strange, but take some time to find the benefits hidden inside the challenge you are facing. 

For example – as you are building your online business, you may run into a tech hurdle that is preventing you from getting your business off the ground. 

It’s normal to feel frustrated in a situation like this, but let’s consider some of the potential benefits. 

Running into a tech hurdle forces you to learn more about the tech you are using. 

The more you learn, the more comfortable you will be

Plus you may learn about more advanced functionality and empower yourself to do more with the tech you are using. 

This could also be an opportunity to connect with your community and mentors. 

By asking quality questions, you build a support network that will help you stay motivated and committed. 

As your knowledge grows you can also help others who may be struggling which will provide a sense of confidence as well. 

Now, what seemed like a frustrating hurdle has now become an opportunity to take a giant leap forward to success!

The next time you face a frustrating roadblock, take some time to ask yourself questions like these:

What are the potential benefits of this challenge?

What skills are you being called upon to develop?

What knowledge are you being asked to gain?

If you were to take on this challenge, how would it help you grow?

Who might you be able to help with the skill and knowledge you gain?

Answering these questions will help you flip your perspective and move forward instead of getting stuck at each obstacle.



Handling The Stress

The tips in this article can help you balance your perspective and make it easier to take on the challenges you face as you build your online business.

But the truth is, stress is inevitable in life and business, so instead of running away from it, it’s best to learn how to handle it 

Check out these tips from Keala to help you handle stress in your life and business (you’ve never heard anything like this before!)


Obstacles in business (and life) are inevitable, but how we handle then will largely determine our success. 

When faced with a challenge, take a moment to get present and look at your thinking and perception. 

Ask yourself a few simple questions to help you identify the potential benefits of the problem you are facing. 

That can help you balance your perception and keep moving forward instead of giving up. 

Remember though that stress is inevitable, even with these tips, so find effective ways to handle it. 

Following these tips can help you overcome the obstacles that you will face in your business and keep moving along the path to success!



Are there any other challenges that you could use some tips and tools for?

Drop a comment to let us know what you’d like to learn. 

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