3 Steps To Kick Your Lousy Job To The Curb

Who doesn’t want to walk into work and fire their boss!?

The problem is that many small business fail and bills will still be do.

That’s why it’ so important to have a proven plan.

That way you can build your freedom brick by brick instead of risking it all with no promise of success.

Here’s a super simple 3 step plan to help you ditch your job for good!

Step One: What are your expenses?

You’ll have to determine how much money you need each month to not just survive, but to grow. A good formula to follow here would be to take your TOTAL monthly expenses and triple it.

If your total expenses are 3k, 

then your monthly income requirement should be 9k.

This is your new goal that you’re striving for.

Now, I get that it’s not always this way.

Sometimes people leave their jobs before they reach those numbers while others wait until they have a big nest egg.

Only you can determine what you need each month to leave that lousy job…

Whatever it is, WRITE IT DOWN and work towards it.

Step Two: Time Investment

How much time are you working at your job? If that answer is 40 hours a week, that leaves you with 128 hours to eat, sleep, live life and work on your business.

If you want to leave your job, but don’t want to put the time in on your business… I don’t know what to say here.

It’s not always going to be “fun” and “sunshine and rainbows.”

There will be some late nights, early mornings and working during your lunch breaks. 

Remember, everything is figureoutable.

That includes finding the time to put in your business.

Check out these tips to help you manage your time like a boss!

Step Three: Level Up Your Skills

You have your goals, you have your time commitments, Now it’s time to work on your skills.

Here are the basic skills you should be building up:

[+] Funnel Building (How to supercharge your sales funnel)

[+] Copywriting (3 tips for writing better copy »)

[+] Media Buying (Facebook ad basics )

Don’t be afraid to dig through our blog to learn more.


Saying good bye to your 9 to 5 for good is a dream for many, but when you take action on a plan, you swing the odds in your favor.

Take some time to calculate your expenses and make room for your overhead costs.

Then, carve out some time so you can spend it building your “escape plan”

Finally, develop the skills that will make it possible for you to write your own check.

Following these steps diligently will bring your sloser to ditching your 9 to 5 for good!



Are there any other challenges that you could use some tips and tools for?

Drop a comment to let us know what you’d like to learn. 

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