Multi Media

Photography, Videography, Photo Editing, and Commercials and More.

Multi Media Services

                                                                     photography, videography, photo editing, commercials, and more. 

Customize Your Vision

Here at EZ Up Biz we can take your vision and share it with the world. Our expert photographers, graphic designers, artists, and videographers will create the perfect theme for your website, brochures, In shop decorations and more. 





Photo Editing

Our Photographers

Both Kylie and Judy attended the community college courses in Farmington to hone their photography skills.  Their talented eye for the perfect light and angle will make your photos stand out. 


Digital Photography

Our expert team will make sure your photographs for your website, brochures, flyers, commercials, and anything else you need are custom and a  perfect fit for your needs. 

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Our photographers host a number of skills in making you or your object of focus amazing. The perfect lighting, position, and texture will make your photos stand out.

  • Item Photography
  • Head Shots
  • Profile Photos
  • Site Location Photos
  • Wedding Photography
  • Event Photography
  • Staff Photo Shoots
  • Action Photos
  • Night Photos
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Make it live, make it a moving experience. Videos are growing more popular every day. From documenting an enduring moment like a wedding, to a walk through 360 video of your shop, we can make your experiences come to life and preserve them forever.

  • Short Video Clips
  • 4K 60/fps Videos
  • 1080 HD Video Presentation
  • Full Footage Files + Edited Presentation
  • Ultra High Depth Videos
  • Weddings and Events
  • Sports Events
  •  360 videos
  • Low Light Videos
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Photo/Video Banners, Commercials, Clips

Let us create a video clip for your waiting room tv, commercial, web banner, Social Media Page and more.

  • Photo/Video Banners
  • Photo/Video Commercials
  • Video Social Media Banner
  • Compiled Video Presentations
  • Social Media Profile Video
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Photo Editing

Not only do we take the photos, but we can edit any photo you already have, or create beautiful photo affects with photos we take for you.

  • Photo Editing
  • Revise and Revive old Photos
  • Filters
  • photo slide presentations
  • photo gallery set up
  • Background removal
  • Special Affects
  • Collages

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