How to Protect Your Ad Account from Facebook


Apply these 3 principles to protect your ad account from bans while creating traffic on Facebook.


If you’ve been running ads on Facebook to generate leads for your business…

Then you know how frustrating (and common) ad account bans are. 

Facebook’s main concern is customer experience. 

A better customer experience means people stay on FB longer, which makes them more valuable. 

As a result, Facebook shuts down ads or ad accounts they feel may harm the user experience.

Keeping your ads compliant with their policies is the best way to protect your accounts and keep your leads flowing. 

Compliance ultimately is about delivering your message in a way that does not hurt user experience on FB. 

Here are a few tips to help you keep your ad accounts safe from Facebook.



Don’t Get Too Personal


Talking about personal traits can be helpful when it comes to crafting copy.

However, Facebook asks us to refrain from doing so in our ads.


Some users get a little freaked out when they see an ad referring to them by some specific data point, like their name, age or even specific interests. 

Although more people are becoming savvy to the fact that their internet usage is tracked, it still makes people feel uncomfortable when they see advertisers using their personal information to promote products to them. 

As a result, calling people out by interest, demographic, or other personal traits is likely to get your account flagged.

Try to keep information general, not specific in order to protect yourself from Facebook’s bot squad. 



Keep your ads more general to avoid making people feel like they are being watched.



Stay Away from Claims


Claims are another tool that can help you convert prospects but hurt your ad account on Facebook. 

If people are led to believe they will be able to accomplish something, and then don’t, this leads to disappointment, frustration, and shame which people tend to take out on Facebook.

As a result, Facebook looks to protect its users from claims. 

Here’s a few specifics to watch out for:

Making Income claims is an easy way to get shut down.

If you are promoting a business opportunity or a way to make money online, never promise people they will make money, especially not a specific amount in a certain amount of time.

Instead, try to talk about the Step before the money.

For instance, try “I generated 10 new high-ticket clients in my business”

That way you can communicate your results without making any direct claim about money.

Implied claims can also put you in hot water on Facebook. 

Saying things such as “I will show you how I did XYZ” implies that the person reading will be able to do “XYZ” as well.

This is considered an implied claim.

Stay away from any messaging that communicates the ‘if I can do it, you can do it too’ claim.

Before and after is another way to make yourself a target for account bans.

Although these can be powerful tools for conversion, before and after images, videos and stories again make bold claims that may not come true for the user. 

Ultimately, it’s best to avoid talking about anything you can’t guarantee when posting an ad on FB.

That way you help FB protect their users and are more likely to keep your ad account safe.




Break the Chain



While Facebook is a great place to create some traffic, it’s best to “break the chain” and get people off of Facebook as soon as possible.

Some people try to send prospects directly to their Webinar or VSL from a FB ad…

But that allows their bots to crawl your content for compliance and opens you up to more scrutiny. 

It may be better to send them to a landing page where you offer a lead magnet in exchange for their email address. 

Then you can lead them to a simple thank you page and direct them to check their email for their lead magnet.

As soon as you establish communication via email, you’ve “broken the chain” and created some space to protect yourself from Facebook’s scrutiny. 

Then you can direct people to your webinar or VSL via email, or even in your lead magnet.

That way you have more freedom to craft a powerful message without endangering Facebook’s precious user experience, since they are no longer responsible.






Keeping your Facebook ads compliant will help you generate more leads without the hassle of getting shut down. 

Remember to help Facebook protect their user experience, and you are more likely to stay in their good graces. 

Keep your messaging more general so that you don’t freak out users with super detailed ads that include their personal data.

Avoid claims that lead people to believe that a result is promised or certain. When people get let down, they look for someone to blame and Facebook doesn’t want to be it. 

“Break the chain” as soon as possible so that Facebook is no longer at risk and you are freer to communicate with your audience.

These principles can’t protect you from Facebook completely. 

At the end of the day, it’s their platform and they decide who gets to play on it or not. 

But following these tips will help keep you on their good side and give you a better chance to keep your ads running and leads flowing!

Invite people into a conversation away from Facebook to buffer yourself from the bots and policies.



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