3 Quick Tips to Keep Your Email List Engaged

If you’re getting started with your online business, Email Marketing is a great place to start.

Building an email list is a proven and efficient way to earn money online, and for most online businesses, email marketing is the foundation of their success. 

But if your email subscribers aren’t engaged, then your emails will be opened less, you’ll miss out on clicks to your offer and sales will suffer. 

So how do you keep your email subscribers engaged and ready to buy?

Here’s a few quick tips to help keep your email subscribers engaged.

Shoot a Quick Video

Recording a short video and sending it to your subscribers is an easy way to increase engagement with your email list.

Seeing your face and hearing your voice helps you become more than just a name sending them emails…

You become a real person and build the “know, like, trust” factor that makes people more likely to buy from you. 

Plus – once they hear your voice in a video, most people will hear your voice in their head as they read your emails, giving you a greater ability to persuade. 

Don’t overthink it though!

You don’t have to produce a blockbuster film to increase engagement. 

A short, simple video from your smartphone is all it takes to introduce yourself to your leads and set yourself apart from everyone else in their inbox.  

Recording a short video is an easy way to increase engagement with your email leads

Shoot a quick video to introduce yourself to your subscribers

Be Yourself

When you’re first starting out it’s easy to want to sound like someone else who you may feel is a “better writer” than you. 

But humans are natural BS detectors.

If you are trying to make your emails read like someone else’s people will pick up on this and be less likely to engage. 

So what can you do to write a genuine email that connects with your readers?

Here’s a tip: Talk it out before you type it out

Before you sit down to write, pick your topic and talk about it to yourself or with a friend. 

If possible, record yourself, and type out your email just the way you spoke it. 

That way you can share your ideas in a natural way that sounds like YOU!

Also, don’t be afraid to share your story. 

Often the challenges we face and the “failures” we endure are the very details that make us relatable and allow others to connect with us. 

Provide “Value”

Email marketing is a great way to make sales online.

But if all you do for your email subscribers is send them offers and ask them to buy, they will eventually feel like you just want to sell them stuff (just like everyone else). 

Which makes it all too easy to ignore your emails and leave them unread. 

So how do you mix things up to keep your subscribers engaged?

The best way to get people to buy is to show them how you can make their lives better now… 

So don’t be afraid to send them some “Value” emails that help solve their problems and make their lives!

Ask yourself: “Why did these people opt-in to my list in the first place?”

Were they looking for easy ways to lose weight?

Maybe you could send them some tasty, healthy recipes that can help them shed pounds. 

Or maybe they joined your list for financial advice…

Maybe you could send them your top tips for building a healthy savings. 

Show your leads that you care by sending them relevant information that can help improve their lives (in between your offers of course 😉 )

Sending valuable emails without an offer every now and then is a great way to keep your subscribers engaged and more open to buying from you. 

Bonus Tip: Get into the Inbox

If your emails are landing in the spam folder or promotions tab, then how can your subscribers engage with them?

Check out these tips from Keala to help get your emails in the inbox:


Keeping your subscribers engaged is essential for generating sales from your email list.

Try recording a short, simple video to introduce yourself as a real person and install your voice in your subscriber’s minds.

Remember to share YOUR story in YOUR voice. That way people can connect with you and have a reason to open your emails. 

And don’t forget to provide value in your emails by helping to solve their problems even before they buy from you. 

Plus – Follow Keala’s tips in the video above to make sure your emails are landing in your subscriber’s inbox for more opportunities to engage. 

Use these quick tips to keep you email subscribers engaged and primed to buy!

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