Destroy Writer’s Block NOW! (Hacks for Copywriters)


Copywriting is arguably the most important skill for anyone trying to start an online business with Digital Marketing. 

But many aspiring entrepreneurs find it hard to even get started with writing!

What can you do to get past this writer’s block and start writing copy to get leads and sales for your business?

Try out this simple routine that can help obliterate writer’s block and make words flow with ease. 



Change Locations


This tip comes from multi-million dollar copywriter Cole Vandee and is one he’s used to obliterate writer’s block even under high pressure.

Early in his career Cole got a shot to write some copy for a huge client. 

The only catch was that Cole needed to complete 4 weeks’ worth of writing in just 48 hours!

For the first 24 hours, Cole struggled to get a single word onto the page and woke up the next day in a cold sweat with less than 24 hours to turn in his copywriting project to this big-time client.

So what did he do?

Cole hopped on a plane, flew from LA to San Francisco, and planted himself in the back corner of a random diner on the top of a hill. 

He sat there and was able to crank out his copy with just hours to spare. 

The next morning, he got a call from the client who was thrilled with his work and ready to pay him for more copywriting!

How does something as simple as changing locations hack your writer’s block?

Cole explains that changing locations “gives you harder tasks outside of writing so that your brain will go to the easier task first which is writing.” 

In other words, your mind is so focused on the tasks of finding and getting to a new place that in comparison, writing feels like a breeze!

That way your words can start to flow easily from your mind to the page. 

Plus – you don’t have to fly to a new city to use this hack. 

Simply getting out of the house, taking a walk or a ride to a new coffee shop or park is enough to hack your brain and get the words flowing. 


Finding a new spot to write can help make writing feel easier.



Set Your Words Free!


What if you were able to simply flip a switch and make words appear magically onto the page without effort!?

If you’ve ever spent time staring at a blank page wondering what to type or write on it, this may seem impossible. 

But this simple strategy can help turn off your “inner editor” and unleash your creative writing gifts. 

It’s a little trick called freewriting.

All you need is a timer and a blank page or document. 

Start the timer, start writing, and don’t stop until the time is up. 

You can write anything. You could simply write nonsense words or the same silly phrase over and over again. 

The only rules are: 

  1. No editing
  2. Don’t stop until the time is up. 

That way you can shut off the inner editor who stops you from putting words on the page and get some words on the page. 

Once your brain sees words on the page and gets some momentum behind writing, it’ll be much easier to get your writing projects complete. 

HINT – use this free app to supercharge your freewriting! 

If you stop before your time is up, all your writing will be deleted, which adds another element to hack your brain and get some words on the page! 


Freewriting can help silence your inner critic and unlock your creativity.



Do Your Best To Write Your Worst


“It takes a lot of bad writing to get to a little good writing.” ~ Truman Capote, Author

The truth is that Copywriting takes time to master, just like any skill. 

And chances are before you get good at it, you will write some truly bad copy. 

Try to see this as part of the journey: you can’t get to the good copywriting until you get to the bad. 

So why not have fun with it?

Try writing the most ridiculous, silly, weird email or ad the world has ever seen.

Afraid your writing will be too clunky or boring?

Do your best to write the most boring clunky piece of writing known to man!

You may not be able to use what you’ve written, but you’ll start to create some positive associations with writing and spark some creativity as well. 

These benefits will gradually make writing easier for you when it’s time to write for real. 

Plus, at least you’ll have a first draft! Even if it’s ridiculous or silly, it’s a place to start. 

Then you can use tips like the ones I share in this article to shape your work into something you can use later on. 

Challenge the perfectionist inside and start on the path to mastery by purposefully writing “badly”.



Bonus: How To “Steal” Writing Skills from a Master


One thing that makes writer’s block worse is our habit of comparing ourselves to others. 

If you’re constantly thinking about how a master copywriter would put together an email, it will be hard for you to put words on a page because they will never measure up in your mind. 

But what if you could find a way to neutralize this comparison?

Better yet, what if you could “steal” the traits of a master copywriter and claim them as your own?

Check out this video from Keala where he shows you how to find the “Traits of the Greats” within yourself:





Becoming a great copywriter will take time, but you’ll never get there if you don’t start. 

The tips in this article can help you get past your writer’s block and get words on paper so that you can start mastering the skills you need to succeed in your business. 

When you’re stuck, find a new location to distract your mind and make writing feel easier. 

Try freewriting to get the words flowing and turn the volume down on your “inner editor”. 

Don’t be afraid to write “badly”. Write something silly, ridiculous, or even boring to challenge your perfectionism and spark creativity. 

You just might end up with a draft you can shape into something useful later!

And use Keala’s tips to find the “hidden gifts” of writing that are locked within you. 



Are there any other challenges that you could use some tips and tools for?

Drop a comment to let us know what you’d like to learn. 

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