The Hard Truth About Changing Your Life


Why most people who try to change their lives fail


This may sound grim, but the truth is most people won’t change even if their life depends on it.

Consider this: 

Doctors have known for decades that lifestyle is the main cause of heart disease, the number one cause of death in the U.S.

But according to Dr. Edward Miller, CEO of John Hopkins Medicine, 90% of patients who’ve had surgery to help their heart disease have not changed their lifestyle after 2 years!

“Even though they know they have a very bad disease and they know they should change their lifestyle, for whatever reason, they can’t.”

Scary, right?

This is also part of the reason why most entrepreneurs fail. 

If you’ve tried to break out of the rat race by building your own business, then you know it requires a major change in how you live your life. 

And the reality is, most people aren’t willing to make the change. 

They would rather watch their dreams wither and die than give up an hour of TV every night to work on their business.



The Wrong Way to Change


One reason why change is so hard is that most people go about it the wrong way. 

Consider the heart disease patients we talked about earlier.

These people know exactly what is causing their disease and putting their life in jeopardy. 

Their doctors have no doubt given them advice on what to eat, how to exercise, along with prescriptions to help them stay healthy

And yet all of this information doesn’t lead to change. 


The truth is, facts don’t change our minds, and therefore they can’t change our behavior. 

George Lakoff, former Professor of Cognitive Science and Linguistics at the University of California at Berkeley describes it this way:

“We may be presented with facts, but for us to make sense of them, they have to fit what is already in the synapses of the brain. Otherwise, facts go in and then they go right back out.”

In other words, facts mean nothing unless they fit the beliefs and perceptions that already exist in our mind. 

That’s why people continue to trade their time for money at a 9 to 5 job that keeps them stuck in a cycle of living paycheck to paycheck with no retirement.

Most of these people know that it’s not sustainable, and some of them know that there is another way to create income for themselves and their family. 

And yet they continue to do the same things and therefore continue to get the same results.

Information alone is not enough to make people change their lives.



Is Fear The Best Fuel?


Most people assume that fear is the best motivator for change.

That’s what doctors thought when trying to get dying heart patients to change their lifestyle

That’s also why it didn’t work.

Fear may help in the short term, but the truth is that it doesn’t create lasting change.

That’s because fear is just too painful for our brains to keep front of mind.

After a while, our minds will start to push the things we fear to the back of our minds to protect us from that pain.

when that happens, our motivation disappears and we go right back to our old habits.

Maybe you’ve seen this happen in your life when trying to start your own business

At first, the fear of working until you die helps you stay up late, turn off the TV, and get to work building your future.

But after a while, your mind will slowly push that fear out of awareness or come up with ways to play it down or reasons to procrastinate.

Before long you’re back on the couch with nothing to how for it.


Our minds fight fear by shutting it out and hiding, not by changing.



Is it Best to Change Gradually?


It’s a popular belief that making small tweaks to your lifestyle over a long period of time is the best strategy to change your life.

But the truth is, changing bit by bit is not effective. 

Studies show that people who try to make serious changes gradually don’t see enough results to see a change and stay motivated to push through discomfort and continue.



“I Can Do It All By Myself”


Most people who start an online business are hesitant to tell anyone else.

They would rather work go it alone and try to create results in their spare time without relying on anyone else. 

The truth is that this is the worst way to try and make a change.

Most people who adopt this strategy give up before making any real progress.


Going it alone is an easy way to watch your goals get swept away.




The hard truth is that change is so uncomfortable that most people would rather die than change 

But there are some ways to make change happen.

In fact, a doctor by the name of Dean Ornish put together a program that operated differently than any other to help 77% of people make lasting change even after 3 years.


He cut through the lies about change and developed a system based on what really works.

Here are a few tips you can take from Dr. Ornish to help you make the change you want in your life.

  • Don’t rely on information alone to keep you motivated. Change starts with a change in the story we tell ourselves. 


  • Our behavior is based on FEELING, not fact. Focus on what it will feel like when you reach your goals because that is the ost powerful motivator for change.


  • Trying to change gradual leaves you prone to giving up and backsliding – Go for change that will yield results quickly so you can see progress and stay motivated to continue.


  • Be sure to have plenty of support. Change is much easier in a group especially when everyone is trying to make a similar change. 


Change is hard but not impossible (if you do it the right way)


Ultimately the choice is yours. 

Change is hard, but not impossible. 

The question is are you going to be one of those who are willing to do what it really takes to change your life…

Or will you let your dreams die?

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